Analyze how the construction gondola exerts its advantages during construction

2021-07-22 15:06  |  source:LONGSHENG   |    58

Analyze how the construction gondola exerts its advantages during construction?

The use of building baskets in the construction industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. The building baskets are required for maintenance while they are in use. After all, it is a high-altitude operation equipment that has strict requirements for people. The construction gondola shall be inspected regularly and recorded after the corresponding time of meticulous maintenance work. Such as broken wires, bends, loose strands, etc., perform 1 inspection. The construction gondola should be inspected according to the inspection requirements after every two months of work, and the wear of the electromagnetic brake friction lining and the damage of the cable should be checked.  


The electrical wiring, electrical components, and wire connections of the building gondola must be kept dry and clean, and there must be no grease and dirt; the movable part of the safety lock should be lubricated once a month. The safety lock must be tested and calibrated once every six months of work. If the user does not have the conditions, it should be sent to the manufacturer for testing and calibration.

The construction gondola is usually transformed into mechanical kinetic energy through the external force of the pedal and then progresses. Three different ways of braking organization are applied to ensure its function. The suspension group of the construction gondola is suitable for two types of combined booms, which our users can choose according to their own needs. In short, the construction basket is simple and sensitive, the operation is simple and labor-saving, and the construction is easy to move, so it can enter the working condition quickly and greatly improve the working power.