The electric gondola is an equipment used to construct the external walls of high-rise buildings

2021-07-22 15:04  |  source:LONGSHENG   |    56

The safety inspection of the electric gondola before use was not done well, and the hidden accidents that could threaten personal safety were not detected in time. The maintenance and inspection of the gondola is done before each construction. If some construction parties are lazy and do not check, the gondola is prone to rusty parts and wear of the wire rope after a period of use. If it is not handled in time, it will bring hidden dangers to the construction personnel during the construction process.

The safety awareness of the operators and construction personnel of the electric gondola is weak. Construction personnel who do not follow the specifications to board the gondola body or play and jump in the gondola, do not wear a safety helmet, do not wear a seat belt, etc., are all the reasons that the gondola is prone to accidents during the construction process. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training and assessment of operators and construction personnel, and only those who have obtained the relevant qualification certificates can operate the gondola and perform construction in the gondola.

The electric gondola is an instrument used to construct the external walls of high-rise buildings. So it also created the nature of its work that is prone to accidents during operation. We want to avoid accidents in the operation and use of the hanging basket, and we need to understand the reasons for these accidents in order to play a reminder and preventive role.

The erection and dismantling of the scaffold in the electric gondola was not carried out in accordance with regulations. Generally, at the construction site, the construction party pays more attention to the construction progress, and often overlooks the inspection and management of the construction safety and construction specifications of the electric gondola. Allowing some construction personnel to operate the gondola based on their own experience makes it a considerable hidden danger in operation, and may even cause casualties.