Wuxi Longsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional Suspended platforms and scissor lifts equipment manufacturer in China for more than 15years.It is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing various high end top series products. is known for its advanced technology, top grade equipped facilities and fast company growth. the workshop is equipped with modern and large-scale production facilities, such as CMM machines, welding Robots, CNC cutting machine, Auto Power coating line, Hydraulic Press and Testing machine etc. We have professional technical team in designing and producing which can meet the different requirements from customers. Our corporation has passed the verification of the International Quality System (ISO9001:2002) and certified by CE standards in Europe. Suspended Platform Systems provide efficient solution of temporary access to heights – for building maintenance and repair, at construction sites or in industrial environments, suspended scaffoldings are height access systems, which allows working on the whole building surface, with a total security and easy-to-use .Utilizing half a century of engineering experience. Scissor lifts is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.