Understand the load test and limit device of the electric gondola

2021-07-22 14:45  |  source:LONGSHENG   |    47

The electric gondola needs to do some load tests during the working process, which is actually to see if it is normal and safe. It is also necessary to test the safety lock and safety of the hanging basket, because if there is an abnormal situation, we must shut down for maintenance.

If the test passes, we will start the overload detection, if the overload source load capacity is 1.1 or 1.25. If unsafe conditions are detected during this process, then we should stop the test and find the cause for solution.

In the hanging basket, the devices and parts that should be checked are mainly limit devices, braking devices, safety locks, lifting devices, wire ropes, anti-loosening devices, electrical safety devices and transmission devices, and fasteners , Gearbox, moving parts, etc. To check the hoist in the gondola, and the working wire rope, etc., if there is dust or dirt on it, it should be cleaned up to avoid damage to itself and other parts. And to avoid damp and rain.

The safety lock in the hanging basket should also be checked frequently to see if there is any foreign matter, so as to prevent it from failing due to foreign matter. And we must do a good job in its protection. The connecting parts and fasteners in the hanging basket are also very important, so check frequently to see if there is any looseness. If so, it should be tightened in time.

The width of the platform of the hanging basket should be 0.8-1.Om, and the length should not be greater than 6m. When the bottom board is made of wood, the thickness shall not be less than 50mm; when steel is adopted, it should have a non-slip structure. If the idle or vacant electric gondola is stopped for more than two months, the relevant person must pass the inspection and acceptance before it can be put into use to avoid personal safety.